3 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Steal

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If you had the chance to look like Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom, or Usher, would you? Yeah, same. Luckily, we’ve enlisted the help of celebrity groomers Losi (one name, like Cher) and Diana Schmidtke to help you steal the looks of these three Men’s Health cover stars. Here’s what to tell your own hairstylist to get the perfect ...

8 Coffee Table Books That Will Class Up Your Living Room

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The books you display in your home are a great way to make subtle statements about who you are. No, we’re not suggesting leaving an encyclopedia of sex positions on your coffee table. We said subtle. Beyond being just plain interesting, coffee table books are conversation starters as well as insights into your deeper interests. Related: 24 Stylish Gifts to ...

The Best Style and Grooming Deals to Score During Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

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Men’s Health may earn commissions on products that are independently selected by our editorial team.Going to a retail store on Black Friday is the worst. In terms of life experiences, it’s somewhere between a trip to the DMV and a colonoscopy. When else would someone risk death by stampede just to buy a fancy electric ...

4 Ways to Step Up Your Dress Shoe Game

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Shoes lay the foundation for any outfit—especially at the office. They anchor your suit, and they’ll always enter the boardroom before you do. Related: 5 Ways to Look Better In a Suit From Head to Toe Ready to revamp your dress shoe selection? Read on for the smartest new styles to shop—and tips to upgrade the kicks ...

The Best New Workout Clothes For Men

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Fickle fall weather calls for versatile workout clothes that can transition from cool mornings to warm afternoons without making you sweat (more than necessary, anyway). The right basics allow you to focus on your performance. Here are our top picks for fall 2016 that do exactly that. SubscribeX Close 1/11 Fourlaps Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Every man needs a high-performance, multipurpose tee. This red ...

4 Looks That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Trends come and go, but style is timeless—and there are a few key pieces that will never go out of style. We narrowed it down to four no-fail looks that will keep you looking on-trend, even years after buying. Read on. Related: The Men’s Health Better Man Project—2,000+ Scientific Tricks For Always Looking And Feeling Your ...

10 Essential Pieces Of Fall Clothing That Go With Everything

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Transitioning from summer into fall shouldn’t require a wardrobe overhaul. With just a few carefully selected pieces, you can move between the seasons in comfort and style—without blowing your budget. Here’s what you need: Related: The Men’s Health Better Man Project—2,000+ Quick Tricks For Always Looking and Feeling Your Best SubscribeX Close 1/10 Image courtesy of LEVI'S Fall Essential: Lightweight Jacket First up: ...

Massimo Dutti Autumn/Winter 2016 Men’s Campaign

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